We got our trophy back!

After a 4 year hiatus, Manchester United has finally reclaimed the premiership trophy. The team, who were projected to finish 3rd or 4th in most preseason polls took everyone by surprise by stepping up their game a level from last year even though only adding one player (Michael Carrick) to the squad last summer. The squad played brilliantly, especially considering the injury crisis suffered for the latter part of the season where 3 of 4 starting defenders were missing most games, and no one can forget the brilliant play of Christiano Ronaldo this season. He was expected to leave the team this past summer because of the fallout with Rooney and the English fans last summer during the World Cup, but instead came back and stepped his game up to another level, winning him almost every Premiership player of the year prize available this season. Congrats to Manchester United as they deserve it, and hopefully have another one coming on Saturday when they play in the FA Cup Final vs Chelsea.