Welcome to The New TicketCity Blog

Greetings. As I’m sure loyal readers have noticed, the look and feel of The TicketCity Blog has undergone a bit of a refresh. We’re not just taking on the design, though. The blog has been and will be a lot more active. Hopefully you’ve already noticed that as well.

TicketCity folks will be presenting information here that may not fit so well in 140 characters, or even on a Facebook status update. On the TicketCity Blog we’re not so concerned about character count, but about giving you the information you need in as much space as needed. Whether it’s some insights on current events, or maybe a few juicy secrets about us, this space will be a lot more alive.

There will be some additional regular features as well, along the lines of my own “Week in Search” updates.

Let us know what you think of the changes, both visually and with our new features. As the one somewhat responsible for that look and feel, I promise I won’t get my feelings hurt if you don’t care for it. Our comments are open and we welcome participation. You can still reach us on Twitter and Facebook, too.




TicketCity Webmaster.