What a Weekend

What a weekend!

Fun Fun Fun Fest took over Austin and for a guy who cut his teeth in life during the golden age of hip hop (1988 – 1993), this weekend was special. Over the course of the weekend RUN–DMC, De La Soul and Rakim took the stage and took people like me back to another time.

Meanwhile on the gridiron, the Texas Longhorns got a win that most thought was remotely possible but never probable. Texas showed everyone that you truly don’t know what you will get with the Longhorns from week to week. While it has probably driven some Longhorn fans to drink, Texas is 7 – 2 and ranked in the Top 20 in the country. Not knowing whether they will win or not can be tolerated when 7 – 2 is the result.

My poor hapless Lakers finally got a win after going 0 – 8 in the preseason and 0- 3 to start the season. The team that was penciled in to already be in the NBA Finals has looked more like a NASCAR driver playing football than a champion. Here’s some perspective, the Lakers are in 3rd place in the Pacific and the team leading the division is my home town Golden State Warriors. Yeah, neither one of those teams will stay in the same place. History tells us that.

The Dallas Cowboys found another way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The Atlanta Falcons were 7 – 0 coming into the game so there is no need to hang your head when you lose 19 – 13. The Cowboys have talent but are 3 – 5 and seemingly always find a way to lose. They will have to finish 6 – 2 just to get to 9 – 7 to have a chance at the playoffs. The good news for them, they only have one team with a winning record left on the schedule. The Cowboys are almost like the Longhorns in that you never know which team is going to show up.