What a Wimbledon

It was 2003 when the Switzerland native Roger Federer burst on to the scene of the ATP and took home his first Wimbledon Championship. From this point on, Federer would go on to prove why critics, analysts, players, and fans all consider him to be the greatest of all time. With a total winning amount of nearly $73 million he is the all-time leader in career prize money earnings. With a countless track record of awards including four consecutive years (2005-2008) of being named the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year, there is no doubt that Federer is among few considered a tennis fan favorite.

The Federer Express, as he is often referred, especially caught the eye of tennis fan Nick Newlife. It was back in 2003, after Federer’s first Wimbledon win, that Newlife decided to place a bet that was so unique not even his English bookie, William Hill, had considered it. After Hill’s first response to the offer, Newlife accepted the 66-1 odds that the young Swiss Maestro would go on to win seven Wimbledon titles by 2019. At the age of 63, Newlife laid down $2,350 on the wager. For the next four years (2004-2007), Newlife, arguably Federer’s greatest fan, watched as the tennis phenomenon took home four consecutive Silver Cups, bringing the total titles to five. After his 2008 loss to Nadal in the greatest tennis rivalry to date, Federer added number six to his collection of Cups the following year in ’09. Sadly, Newlife would not live to see the 2009 win that would put him one Silver Cup away from a check to the tune of $158,000. Nick Newlife would pass away at the age of 69, only months before the 2009 Wimbledon. With Federer getting close to the age of 30 and experiencing a two year hiatus from a Wimbledon victory, many believed that Mr. Newlife’s bet and Federer’s reign found the grave as well.

The latest TicketCity Play of the Week not only goes to the 30 year old Roger Federer for winning his seventh Wimbledon title to tie both William Renshaw and Pete Sampras for the most Gentlemen’s Singles titles, but also to the man who nine years ago predicted it all. With no family or friends to leave the six figure winnings to, Nick Newlife bequeathed the Wimbledon betting slip, along with countless others, to UK charity Oxfam.




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