What are people looking for at TicketCity?

There are a ton of events going on right now, but what are the top events globally?  What are the sports, concerts and theater that everyone wants to see?  Below is a quick look at some of the most searched terms/events/categories on the TicketCity.com website.

* Concert Tickets – Tons & tons & tons of people are looking for tickets to their favorite artist or performer.  Our main Concert Tickets page is one of the highest traffic pages on our website.  Because of that we are going to be releasing some new features soon to make it easier to find information on your favorite concert performer.  The most searched genre on our concert tickets page is “Rock music”, followed closely by “Country music”.  A few of the top performers right now are: AC/DC, Britney Spears, Bruce Springsteen, Jonas Brothers, Leonard Cohen, Sugarland, Taylor Swift & the shows at the Houston Rodeo.  Others that are starting to draw more traffic are: Michael Jackson and U2.  U2 has announced they will be touring the globe in Fall.  The one-time “King of Pop” is playing a series of shows in London; there are rumors about him setting up a series of shows in the United States.

* Sports Tickets – The NFL & College Football are the two most popular sporting events on our website.  Both are out-of-season right now but still drawing large traffic numbers as people search for ticket deals for the 2009 football season.  Dallas Cowboys tickets has been a particularly hot search term, mostly due to the fact that the Cowboys are moving into a new stadium for the upcoming season.  Fans of the Cowboys want to see the new “Jerry World” and are trying to find the best deals on tickets.
The largest traffic these days is being split between College Basketball (a speciality of TicketCity) and NBA Tickets.  In the college segment most people are searching for conference tournament tickets; the most demand is for Big 12 Tournament Tickets & Big East Tournament Tickets, although demand for the ACC Tournament is solid as well.  The NCAA Tournament regional sites are just now starting to draw some interest, although the real buying will not pickup until the NCAA Tournament teams are announced.
On-site demand for NBA tickets is all about the top teams, the most searched terms are Cavs, Celtics, Lakers & Spurs.
The Major League Baseball season is starting in a few weeks, so the traffic is building for that.  Most people searching for baseball are either looking for World Baseball Classic tickets or for New York Yankees tickets.  Other popular search terms are Cubs, Dodgers, Mets and Red Sox.
The demand for NHL tickets is light compared to the other categories, but there are still quite a few queries for the top teams.  Earlier this year, NHL searches were at an all-time for the NHL Winter Classic played at Wrigley Field in Chicago.
Spring is not just about team sports, it is also major sporting events.  The two biggest events in that spectrum are both drawing a ton of traffic right now; both The Masters and the Kentucky Derby are two of the most searched terms on the site.  Demand for Masters has been increasing steadily since Tiger Woods returned to the course in late February.

* Theater Tickets – Across the board the demand (and searches) for Broadway Tickets have been down slightly.  But there are still many individual shows that are getting a ton of traffic.  Leading that group is Wicked.  Demand for Wicked tickets has been strong for well over a year and it remains one of the top draws on Broadway.  Right behind Wicked right now in searches is Shrek the Musical.  The other, non-Broadway, theater show that has been burning up the charts is Flight of the Conchords.  Search traffic and demand for this hit show has been unexpectedly huge.

So there is a quick look at what is hot at TicketCity right now.  If you are looking for tickets for one of these shows, or any other, please call 1.800.880.8886 to speak with one of our talented Sales Associates.  Or you buy online at TicketCity.com.