While you were sleeping: Dallas Stars lose in 4 Overtimes.

Do you have NHL playoff tickets? if not, you might be missing out on professional hockey’s re-emergence into the top 3 professional sports in Noth America (NFL and MLB being numbers 1 and 2). Yes, it’s a strech to put NHL hockey in front of the NBA as far as season ticket sales and TV contracts, but the way the NHL is setting itself up recently… I wouldn’t be suprised that in the next 5 years it takes off as competition levels in the NBA continue to decline. The NHL has a young superstar talent that, if you’ve never seen him play, is entertaining to watch even to a non-hockey fan (Sydney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins). The level of competition in the NHL has risen dramatically since their lock-out years ago.

For instance, The game that began between the Vancouver Canucks and the Dallas Stars on Wednesday night ended on Thursday morning. That’s right, the 4 overtime’s took the game well into the 1:00 a.m. hour, and finally ended in an assisted goal by Henrick Sedin. Roberto Luongo (the Canucks goalie, see above) got more than two games worth of playing time in his first career postseason start.

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