Who is going to host the 2012 Euro Cup?

The paint is barely dry on Spain’s spectacular championship from the 2008 Euro Cup, but already there is speculation about whether the 2012 Euro Cup will be moved.  Poland and the Ukraine were selected by UEFA to be the host countries of the 2012 European Cup; they will split the hosting duties the same way that Austria and Switzerland did in 2008.  The question now is whether Poland and the Ukraine will be ready to host the games, or will UEFA have to do the unthinkable by moving the tournament to another location.

News articles have questioned whether the Poland/Ukraine hosts have the proper infrastructure to host an international soccer tournament of this magnitude.  Italian media have asked about rumors the tournament will be moved to Italy and France. Some speculated that UEFA has already drawn up a contingency plan in-case they need to move the Euro 2012, something that UEFA officials deny.

Even the Prime Minister of Poland has stepped forward to say that all construction projects will be completed on time.  Comments he made after UEFA’s president said the Euro 2012 would relocate if stadiums in Warsaw and Kiev were not ready.  This while UEFA official visited Poland and the Ukraine to inspect their progress.

This is the same type of speculation that has continued to plague the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  Will South Africa finish their stadiums and have the proper infrastructure completed?  That is still not 100% determined.  So right now it looks like it will be an interesting four years until the next Euro Cup.  My bet is Poland and the Ukraine will pull it together and fulfill their duties as hosts of the Euro 2012.

More info on the 2012 Euro Cup, including the cities and stadiums scheduled to be used, is listed on our Euro 2012 page.  There is also information about the format of the Euro Cup tournament.




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