Who will be the next AMERICAN IDOL?!?!

American Idol, what can I say? I have to admit that I am into it. From the beginning of the season when you see it all, good singers, great singers, and TERRIBLE singers just trying to get their 15 minutes of fame, I enjoy it all. I really enjoy the last few weeks of the show where you feel like you get to know these kids who are performing and putting themselves on the line in front of the entire world. Who is my favorite judge? Simon of course. I think he is the only one who is totally honest with the contestants although it may come across as rude at times. Who is my favorite contestant? I absolutely think Gina, the Rocker from Chi-Town, should still be in the race-she is awesome. With what is left I would have to say Blake or Chris should take it all. Well, when it is all said and done, we will have yet another “American Idol” and the group of 10 will start touring the country singing their favorite songs. Who knows what will happen after that. If anyone else out there is a secret Idol fan, keep checking www.ticketcity.com as we will have tickets to EVERY show of course!