Who will be the next Tony Parker?

For those who don’t know, Tony Parker was selected as the 28th overall pick in the 2001 draft, behind Jamaal Tinsley, Gerald Wallace, Samuel Dalembert, Brandon Armstrong, Jason Collins, Shane Battier, Eddy Curry, Tyson Chandler, and Kwame Brown. And like 20 other players.

Manu Ginobli was selected 57th overall in the 1999 draft. A few players selected in front of him that you’ve never heard of: Calvin Booth, Lari Ketner and Tim Young.

I wonder who in the 2007 Draft will be the next unexpected All-Star? Or even possibly a NBA Finals MVP 6 years from now? (Pictured above is Marc Gasol, the 48th overall pick of the 2007 NBA Draft made by the L.A. Lakers).