Will Blake Griffin Revive The Dunk Contest?

The NBA’s Dunk Contest has been a little stale for, oh, the past decade. For sure since the ’80s when the likes of Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins and Kenny “Sky” Walker took to the rim. But this year, something piqued our interest: Blake Griffin. Griffin, the “rookie” from the LA Clippers (we quote rookie since he was injured last year, his first true year in the league) has been setting highlight reels ablaze since the start of the season. There was some talk on whether he’d join this year’s dunk contest — taking place on his home court, the Staples Center, during All-Star Weekend — but nothing was concrete. Now we have confimation that he will dunk, which delights us to no end. Why? Well watch the video below for his top-ten dunks of the year… so far.