Will there be a Pacquiao Mayweather rematch?


It was billed as the “Fight of the Century,” but Manny Pacquiao vs. Floyd Mayweather I was nothing short of a snoozer. 5 years of hype, and somewhere around a $300 million purse, built expectations that might have been unachievable for any fight. But after the 36 minutes of fighting were over, I was left wondering how many months of Netflix I could have paid for with the $90 it cost me to watch the fight. The global reactions to the fight were mixed. Some made jokes,

Others felt cheated

But not even a week following the snoozer of the century, rumors are flying around about a rematch. It didn’t take Team Pacquiao very long after the fight to reveal a significant shoulder injury to the Filipino boxing legend. He also made headlines claiming to believe that he won the fight, despite throwing 6 less punches, and landing over 60 fewer than Mayweather. But we shouldn’t be surprised, the relationship between these two iconic boxers is northing short of a controversy building machine.

Why there will be a rematch

The simplest answer is that because Floyd said that there would be. Mayweather claimed that he would give Pacquiao another shot in the ring in 2016. He is scheduled to fight again in September, and a win in that fight would leave Floyd Mayweather’s record in professional boxing an unbelievable 49-0. Because of that, the rumor mills and hype machine that is “The Money Team,” have all of us looking towards a potential 50th win, and probably final match of Mayweather’s unblemished career, against a hopefully healthy Manny Pacquiao in 2016.

That brings us to the 2nd reason that the fight will happen, Floyd’s self proclaimed middle name, “money.” If the first fight drew in a $100 million payday for Mayweather, imagine what a rematch, with 50-0 on the line would do? The payday for both boxers could eclipse the record breaking numbers from the first fight.

Why we shouldn’t care

Have we already forgotten how lackluster the first fight was? The fight was able to garner interest from people generally uninterested in Boxing. But it didn’t deliver. Sure Manny was hurt, but we shouldn’t forget that Floyd Mayweather has made a career out of having boring fights with fantastic boxers. Canelo Alverez, and Juan Manuel Marquez are two of the best boxers of this generation, but their fights against Mayweather were only slightly more entertaining than the Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight. Before Money Team fans jump all over me, Mayweather has had some interesting fights, his fight with Ricky Hatton was quite entertaining. But I think the wish to see Mayweather truly challenged in a match might have died Saturday night.

I would much rather see Pacquiao vs. Marquez V, reruns of the Rock on WWE, or old episodes of Boy Meets World. Yeah who am I kidding, I’m still going to watch.