Wimbledon Wow! Epic tennis and U.S. Open is next

I don’t know about you, but I spent my Sunday in Rockport Texas on vacation glued to the 4th and 5th sets of one of the greatest tennis matches that I have ever seen.  Coming from a lifelong tennis player who played for the University of Denver, Federer showed us the most amazing heart that I have ever seen in an athlete.  He has the heart of a champion and seems to dig down to that extra place in his soul when he had to muster up a point.   At the end Federer didn’t have quite enough and there was a changing of the guard.  The young 21 year old champion Nadal who was fresh of a win at the French Open won Wimbledon in overtime in the 5th set, the longest match in Wimbledon history at nearly 5 hours.  Nadal will take over the number one spot in the world from his 27 year old nemesis Federer.

This Wimbledon final is now electrifying the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows New York which is the next grand slam.  The tennis world is extremely excited about this and maybe just maybe we can get another Nadal vs Federer Final in N.Y..  What more could we ask for.  As always you can get your  tickets for the U.S. Open at http://www.ticketcity.com

My very best!!!

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer Ticketcity