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It has been another amazing season for Major League Baseball, filled with individual player milestones and team accomplishments.  Now that we are gearing up for the World Series, let’s look at the accomplishments of players around the League:  Randy Johnson of the Arizona Diamondbacks recorded his 4,673rd strikeout to place him at 2nd on the All-Time Career Strikeout Leaders list; Kenny Rogers of the Detroit Tigers became the all-time career pickoff leader with 92, Ken Griffey, Jr. hit his 610th career homerun to pass Sammy Sosa and place fifth all-time for career home runs; Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Rays stole his 300th base on July 7th to become only the ninth player in history to have stolen that many bases before the age of 27. 

This year, we welcome the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Raysto the Fall Classic.  Both teams have dazzled their audiences, outperformed their opponents and captivated the nation.  The Phillies, for the first time since 1900, posted two 20+ run games this year.  The Rays had their best start in franchise history, and are the first team since 1900 to achieve the best record in the League by July 4th after posting the worst record in the League the previous season.  This is also the first time in franchise history that the Rays have reached the postseason – do you believe it?!

We have watched these two teams emerge from the pack, hungry for a National Championship.  And the best part:  They are not the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox.  No, this year we will watch the Tampa Bay Rays and the Philadelphia Phillies square-off for the League’s biggest trophy and all the marbles.  The Tampa Bay Rays have stepped up to the plate to bring their franchise just four games away from the National Championship, a season after they were “nobodys.”  Get ready for one heck of a World Series – The Phillies haven’t won a title in 28 years, and the Rays had never won a postseason game until this season.  For once in recent World Series history, baseball fans will have a chance to watch true underdog teams play solid, American baseball.  Here’s to our favorite pastime.