Xiang vs. Robles, Beijing 2008

A rivalry is heating up prior to Beijing this summer, the destination for Olympians worldwide.  China’s track and field prodigy Liu Xiang, 24, is hoping to make up some ground in the 110-metre hurdles after his 2006 world record was toppled by Cuba’s Dayron Robles on June 12.  Robles, 21, edged past Xiang’s time of 12.88 seconds with a time of 12.87, setting the new world record for the event in Ostrava, Czech Republic. 


“It’s such a good time; I wasn’t expecting that. Wow! I do not know if I can beat Liu Xiang in Beijing now. But we will see,” said Robles, a little winded and astounded at his own feat.


And we will see.


Robles, who is slightly younger than Xiang, must prove his recent wins in Germany and the Czech Republic in August.  Xiang, who is heralded as the contender to beat in this year’s event, will have a home court advantage.


Only the best competitor of the two will walk away with hurdles gold at the Beijing National Stadium.  Luckily, we have your track and field tickets right here at TicketCity.  You can witness both superstars vying for worldwide recognition, as the 110-metre hurdles gears up August 18.  As you and I both know, there is little doubt both contenders will be fighting it out late, so grab some tix to the finals on August 21.